NAC92 Rubber Feet and DIN to Phono

Does anyone know the best UK source for a replacement rubber foot on a NAIM 92?

I also need another DIN to Phono RCA adapter.



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John, your Naim dealer should be able to supply replacement rubber feet.

Are you referring to the Milty/Mayware DIN-RCA Adapter? These are available online from various places. Much better though to use a proper RCA-DIN interconnect.


I don’t think they are open, I was looking for an online dealer.

I don’t have much knowledge of the DIN connectors, it came with one twenty years ago when I bouyght the system.


If you phone around some Naim dealers you will probably find one who can supply you by post. From your forum name, perhaps you are in Spain, but that may not matter. You could try TomTom Audio, they often have spares available. You could also order a cable from them ( or an adapter, but I agree with Richard that a proper cable without the adapter would be best.) Alternatively if you want a cheaper cable, go to Flashback.

Thanks, I have sent TomTom and email

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