NACA4 copies

I remember when Naim had a small problem with the NACA4 copy that was given by BICC for Linn to use. I have some speaker cable marked as Exposure Electronics. They look suspiciously like Naim NACA4 to me. Any clues?

Its a cable of the same design, I wouldn’t call it a copy.
Exposure had the same amp design principle as Naim (& others) & also required a speaker cable with the right inductance, the spacing between the conductors does this.

Original Exposure speaker wire and Nac A4 and Nac A5 might look similar but they are different
The strands of copper in the Exposure cable I believe are a different diameter and the spacing between the + / - are wider.
I have used Exposure wire on Naim 250 Olive but I felt Nac A5 and A4 sounded better.

I think I will indulge in some black NACA5 when my CB NAP250 arrives. I use white for my NAP250DR and NAP200 amps.

Years a go there was a debate on the forum as to which Nac A5 sounded better “ White “ or “ Black “

Ohhh… black!

No, wait… white!

Er, hang on a minute…

Where is Tuan when you need him !


white is a little brighter than the black


Has anyone come across Kelvin Labs Audio K19 speaker cable? It was indentified as equivalent to NACA5 and Linn cables. With 19 strands but in a cobalt blue and fairly flexible insulation.
I bought the cable, in mid/late 1990s, if memory serves right. Still using it with my NAIT 5si to good effect.

There were quite a number of similar figure 8 type cables that were available during the late '80s and '90s. One of the most common was Cable Talk 3 & 3.1 with a dark blue outer insulation. It was good and very cheap.

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