Naca4 = Linn K?

Just spotted 2 7m-lengths of Linn K20, going very cheap. If I’m not mistaken, the Linn K20 is the same as Naca4? Is the sound very different?
This might be a good introduction to Naim speaker cable, which I’ve never tried.
Thank you for your replies!

Identical other than the stamping, made on the same line.

Go for it.

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Any comments about the sound? Are they similar to Naca5?

In an olive or later Naim system, I’d say A5 is “better” - somewhat clearer/more tuneful than A4/K20; though some may say A5 is “brighter.” In a different system you’d have to try it. In my system, A5 is ever so slightly better, but I use a biwire set of K20 because it’s so much more flexible.

I would not say it is a dramatic difference, so if the K20 is still available for very cheap just get it.


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