NACA5 with Chord Ohmic

I’m planning to replace my Chord Rumour cables with some NACA5 but wonder about how to have them terminated. I know there are many topics about the soldering of NACA5, but I can’t find any experiences from people who have had their cables terminated with the newer Chord Ohmic plugs …

Any thoughts are welcome!

I would go for Naim plugs if you are connecting to Naim amps or speakers as they are chosen to match the nickel plating. Having said that, a properly crimped Chord plug might be better than a badly soldered Naim plug if you can’t find someone to do a decent job of it.


I don’t think it’s possible. As I understand it, the crimping of the Ohmic plugs requires a trip back to Chord as the crimping machine itself is a pretty specialised affair. How the crimping is done is apparently very important.

I’ve just bought a 4m pair of NACA5 cables from Audio T. They have on request put a pair of Naim SA8 plugs on the amp end and Chord Ohmic plugs on the speaker ends. They used a special tool from Chord to fit the Ohmic plugs in shop.

I initially requested that both ends be soldered but the salesman advised the Chord crimping of the Ohmic plugs made a better contact. I have not yet put the system together so cannot comment on the sound.

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I used 2x 8M Chord Rumour 2 bought in 2004.
(I still have it and intend to put it back in at some point and test it to see whether I miss it.)

I tried NACA5 but it was an old pair, uneven lengths, very badly soldered - so really not a proper test at all.

I’d still like to do a proper test of NACA5 and other Naim cables - but I don’t have a dealer near me so it’s a major hassle getting hold of demo kit for me.

I have Naim speakers and power amp, so if I was using NACA5 or re-terminating my Rumour 2s I’d use Naim speaker plugs on both ends.

Then I bought 2x 3.5M Chord Epic with factory-terminated Ohmic plugs.

I got it from from a good seller on pfm.

It was part of a promotion between Chord and a speaker company - so it was unused.

It improved the bass control and gave more clarity and detail.

It was a tiny bit less ‘sweet’ and light than the Rumour, but overall considerably better.

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At NAP 200 end I would use Naim plugs and at the Neat end I’d go for Naim plugs without the plastic cover. I used NACA5 with NAP200.

Any reason for the change?

Thanks @TiberioMagadino and @JimDog!

I have no urgent need to change, the Chord Rumour came in as part of a ‘package’ at the time and I think it is better to go for NACA5 as that is what is advised by Naim … problem is that I do not have a Naim Dealer around the corner anymore which makes these kind of things a bit more complicated …

Many regards,


Then I wouldn’t be too hasty to change. As with all things in this game, you’re best off hearing for yourself, it could be a mistake to assume Naca 5 is better.

For a cheap upgrade on what you’ve got, I’d be inclined to just fit a set of Ohmic plugs yo your existing cables - you may find that’s sufficient :wink:

Thanks Dave :slight_smile:

Slightly different question; looking at a pair of 2nd hand NACA5 I’ve noticed that in some instances, the ‘Naim Audio’ letters are on the side while on most pictures, this is in the middle of the cable, between the two conductors … is there a difference in these two as well?

As I understand it the more recently made cable has the lettering in the middle rather than on the side.

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