My local dealer has loaned me a NACD 5i (not italic) to try.
The player works OK on the DIN output but there is nothing on the phono.
Is there an internal switch or link I need to connect?
Or should there be a shorting plug in the DIN connector? There are two n/c pins, should these be connected to the output pins to take the signal to the phono sockets?

Yes just settings no links.

I think you have to tell the CD player which output to use , using the remote
Check the manual

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Really…? :crazy_face:

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Thank you all for your help.
Problem solved.
I don’t have a Naim remote or manual. I’m using an Audiolab (TAG McLaren) remote control 20R and the button to use is the “TIME” button, not the “DISP” button.
However if I try to set O and oo (ie both outputs active but only one in use) the player doesn’t work and the display dims to nothing after a few seconds.

I have it working on DIN to Phono - gender changer - phono to phono, because it is very difficult to access the rear of the amp.
I’m listening to King Crimson - Islands (remaster series), my favourite CD, and it sounds excellent. More listening needed, perhaps Gentle Giant or Pink Floyd next, or maybe Joe Cocker, I haven’t listened to Yes or Genesis lately???
It would replace an ARCAM Alpha 5+ if it gets that far.
Thanks everyone for your help.

Should only use one at a time but can connect both to switch between.
Don’t have both active at the same time.