Nacless Headman

I recall reading that the Headline is “designed” for use with a Naim pre. Is there any sonic degradation or other issue with running it straight from a source? The Headline would be powered by a Hicap and used with a small streamer, for a basic secondary headphone system.

No problem at all running directly from a source. However, you’ll need a Headline Adaptor, which is a short add-on lead with a DIN that has the correct pins connected. Otherwise, you’ll need a RCA Headline.

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Perfect! Thanks for confirming. This would allow me to run the Headline from the din output on a Dac V1?

No, the DAC-V1 doesn’t have a fixed level Line Out so you can’t use it to feed a Headline without running through two volume controls (inconvenient and reduces performance) and also having to make up a custom adaptor for the 4pin DIN (or RCA).

Quite apart from that, it’s a bit unusual to want to add a Headline to the DAC-V1 as it already has a headphone amp onboard.

I see. I already have the Headline and its purported to have a superior headphone amplifier than that of the V1. But it seems that this may not be the best utilization of the Headline

If it’s a DAC you want, how about the Naim DAC? - as a DAC it’s superior to the DAC-V1 and it offers a Line Out. Only thing is that if you want to connect a computer you’ll need a good USB-s/pdif interface.

Yes, the Naim DAC would be the perfect answer. But I need a shoebox footprint.

The V1 can be used in fixed output mode (in this mode the volume control of the V1 is not used) - not experienced any sound degradation with classic level amps downstream

Jude, true. I’d forgotten about the fixed output setting. However, the Headline Adapter will still need to be modified.

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FWIW I was recently told that Naim no longer provide the HeadLine adapters.

Apparently the recommendation is to get Chord Co. to make one up or simple re solder the connections on the captive lead DIN.

Thanks everyone. Very helpful and much appreciated.

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