Naim 1 Tuner Input Reversed?

I almost put this into the Padded Cell category as that’s where I was close to ending up today, along with my recently acquired Nait 1.

I was doing some testing w/different cables to determine a preference, but something was just off. I had one plugged into the Tuner input and the other into the Tape. I was swapping them at the source and after several back and forth I was scratching my head at why the differences felt like more than cable colouration. Finally I realised the channels were getting reversed. Of course I suspected the cables, and went through more head scratching until I tried swapping at the amp instead. Then it became obvious that the issue is within the Nait itself!

Now that I’ve turned a simple observation into a whole paragraph of silliness - my question is… anyone else have a Nait 1 like this? Is it a known feature?

Yes, my Nait 1 is exactly like that. It’s a historical feature of the design apparently!

It was raised on the old forum

Ah thanks, just read… and of course the L/R speaker thing gets added in… which I still think is not much of a prob if you read the printing on the rear panel.

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