Naim 200 Series - Actual demo comments please

Actually I read they give few customers short chance to finalize an upgrade in old range.

I’m sure everything else coming from Naim upfront, will be in new classic look.

Wonder how much and what number the new Supernait is ?

There are lots of reports of demos there in the main thread, and comments by people who already have the units working at home.

I just added the NC250 to my 252/SCDR and I agree it’s the star.

Be interesting to hear the new 300PS on the NDX2 as I found the XPSDR a poor value.


I will compare it in a few weeks to the 250 dr, on a same pre, at dealer place. Very curious.
And the XLR is also a nice cherry on the cake.

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As long as Naim are there to service them, my 252/300/SCDRx2/XPSDR suit me just fine.

I abandoned the New Classic series thread. I couldn’t keep up and I know I won’t get any of the new boxes anyway. I am somewhat curious how the presumably 300-series (pre/amp) will sound, but not in the market in any case. Naim has made that easy for me with the pricing as I make plans for retirement later this year.


They’ll give it the number 4 and for the Chinese market they’ll release a Rabbit edition.

I doubt how much these numbers still matter. There are lots of 4’s in China nowadays.

Tomorrow, time for a demo session of the new 200 series at my dealer, it will be exciting!


I did post my demo experience in the other thread and hope posting here is helpful.

I had a very pleasant visit to my local Naim dealer on Saturday to listen to the new classic trio. #gullifordhifiexeter.

I had three demo systems:

New Classic 222, 300, 250.
NDX5 xs2, Supernait3.
NDX2, 282, 250dr.
(My home system is ND5 XS2, Supernait3, Focal Micro Utopia BEs)

All systems played through Graham LS6 speakers using qobuz and listening to Jerry Garcia & David Grissman playing the thrill is gone as my main comparator.

I had listened to Graham speakers before and they work well with Naim kit (in a similar way to Harbeth) and the match with each of the three systems here sounded musical and smile inducing. Each system’s amp seemed happy to pump out the required prat but in terms of grip, detail and clarity there were differences which I suspect are down to the respective sources and preamps.

The ndx2 282 250dr provided excellent grip along with layers of easy to follow well separated instrument and vocal detail. Of the three systems this one also had the most apparent bass and leading edge to guitar and piano sounds.

The ND5 sx2 SN3 provided fewer layers of detail compared to the NDX2 fronted system but you don’t hear what’s missing and the result is wonderfully easy separation and clarity. Oh and the grip and bass was much better resolved by the Grahams than with my Focals.

The 222 to me it had similar grip, bass and detail to the ND5 xs2 fronted system but with less separation and clarity.

For me the NDX2 fronted system sounded quite a step up on the other two and has convinced me that I need a home demo of the ndx2 in my system.


I think numbers don’t matter too much nowadays. You are right there are a lot of 4’s there and a lot of companies also have products with 4. For example, the 4 series from BMW is in the market as well.

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