Naim 200 Series - Actual demo comments please

I am very interested to hear of any actual demos as opposed to assumptions or hearsay.
Anyone or are there no demo units, i plan to contact my dealer its been a while.

Go onto the main thread - members demo reviews are starting to roll through

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I owned a 200 (non DR) for 10+ years used it with 202/HCDR and 282/HCDR lovely warm focused AMP so if you can find one

my sources were NDX and LP12 with Spendor SE6’s which were easy to drive, it found my B&W 805 a little harder to cope with but I moved to 300

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I think the OP means the new 200 series of products just launched.


I heard the new 250 new classic for 2 hours yesterday my thoughts on in the that thread

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……and the 300 is now a power supply, not a power amp. I predict endless confusion!


Sorry all i meant the new 222, etc and i suppose 300PS

I agree with your sentiments about the nap200, I enjoyed one since 2006 and contrary to some old sages’ expertise on here made a great job driving pmc 26’s… but I think op wants to hear about the new 220 (from someone who has auditioned rather than from the many arm chair experts)!!

Go onto

The Naim New Classic Range thread

3,000 posts but just look at say the last 100 posts , there are a number of members listening reviews coming through


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Agree but more cross/off topic than actual demos.

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My impressions are here (source for the classic gear was ND5 XS2 as well as NDX2 with and without power supply):

Look posts 3027, 3028 and 3037 on the main thread.
Having followed it since the beginning, there are a dozen of people having made some comparisons, as @Gazza at dealer place.
The NC222/ 300 / 250 seems to be something like 282/hicap / 250 dr/ Nd5xs2 level.
Ndx2 / 282/hicap / 250 still better. Ndx2 /Xpsdr / 252/250 much better.
The new 250 appears to be the star .
My understanding and memory.


I think your absolutely right.

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That is until new classic 300 range are launched, then everything will be clear.
They have discontinued 282/252/300DR - guess what’s next !

The Naim website does not say this…?

(I just checked… :thinking: )

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@IanRobertM I think it was @Richard.Dane that posted Naim would continue some of the classic range for a little while, so people can finish off completing their systems. I have no idea on this timeframe, but I would think it’s months and not years.

@richardjpaterson - My point was that Naim have not - AFAIK - discontinued anything, yet.

@Richard.Dane - Correct…?

Not yet as far as I’m aware, although I’m somewhat removed from Naim sales these days. I did repeat what Steve said that there would be a discussion about power supplies and a possibility of continuing production when things are discontinued.

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Yes, it was said by Steve Sells ( 110db). 282/252/300/250 and Hicap dr / Xpsdr / supercap dr will be very soon discontinued.

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I auditioned very quickly the new classic trio at my dealer place. The speakers were the big Focal Utopia, speakers that I am not used to .
The components had 2 days run in .
The big volume logo was not my cup of tea.

As for sound, to be in the thread topic : the Prat was there. The sound signature was different vs the Naim black green boxes. More clarity, less forward, and the soundstage was more recessed vs 252/ Ndx2 / Xpsdr / 300 I heard many times at the dealer place, but however not with that speakers.
There was less body. The sound was leaner but more clear.
So difficult to evaluate without a direct comparison. However I am quite sure for the better clarity and less body sound signature.