Naim 272 and Chord Poly

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I have invested in a Chord Mojo and Poly combo for mobile and headphone listening but understand it can be used as a Roon endpoint. I don’t currently use Roon but thought I might trial it, given the downtime we have at the moment. However, I’m not sure how to connect it to the 272? Is it from the headphone out on Chord Poly and then into one of the 3 analog inputs on the 272?? Thank you.

I dont have a Poly but I do have a Mojo, and before I purchased the NDX2 thats exactly how I connected it to my NAC282. I even have a cable with a (Naim type) locking DIN plug for use at the Pre-amp end.

I used one of the aux ports on the Pre-Amp. Didnt use Roon but did stream Hi-Res Qobuz through my iPad. Worked very well.

The cable came from Flashback Sales. You can find them on the Internet.

I think you mean the headphone out on the Mojo, rather than the Poly. Yes, you can use it into an analogue input on the 272. You’ll need a 3.5mm jack to 5-pin DIN lead (probably best) or jack to 2 x RCA.
If you set the Mojo to line level, the output is a rather high 3Volts, so you might want to dial down the volume level a bit. Certainly it was best to do this using Chord Hugo into a separate Naim preamp.

Indeed… I used line level (depress both volume switches simultaneously when powering on - the volume switches should glow blue, confirming line level) and then used pre-amp volume control.

Came close to using Poly, but at the time it seemed to be having lots of bugs/issues. So, ultimately went with NDX2. Would be interested to know how reliable the Poly is now, though.

“I even have a cable with a locking DIN plug for use at the Pre-amp end. I used one of the aux ports on the Pre-Amp. Didnt use Roon but did stream Hi-Res Qobuz through my iPad. Worked very well.”

I have a 272 and an iPad, and a 5 metre 3.5mm jack to 5-pin DIN lead by designacable.

If I want to test Qobuz hi res (without Roon), what app should I use on the iPad for best results?

Obviously this will only test Qobuz via the streaming section and the DAC of the iPad into the 272, but it’s one test I could do today.

I did test this using Tidal recently and I had to turn the volume way up to about 60 or 70 out of 100 to get it to normal listening volumes. Is that ok, or might it damage something?

I used the Qobuz app for iOS. You will, of course, need a subscription for Hi-Res. I still use it for listening through headphones when travelling.

I also used Plex quite successfully too, for local streaming.

Dont use Plex now though. I use Roon mostly.

One other point… This was in conjunction with a Mojo. The DAC in the apple device, itself, doesnt support hi-res as I understand it.

As for potential damage by turning the volume up (in the absence of a Mojo or similar) I’d guess it would depend on how much distortion was in the signal. There might be some potential for speaker damage - though I’m no expert in this matter.

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Yes - sorry from the mojo headphone out…

I’m my hours of experimentation, I have found that via the M Connect app, I can stream from Qobuz to the N272 in hi res…it recognises the files as Flac 96kHz…

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is that the free app: mConnect Control HD?
or is it is the £5.99 mConnect Player HD?

what’s the difference??

Ah - the difference is:

I’m not sure what the clause in red means in the table.
But apart from that the free app seems ok for sending music from an iPad to a 272?

Gosh, I didn’t know there was a free version - so I dutifully paid my 5.99…but I have to say, it seems to work remarkably well so far.

But I’ve just downloaded the free ‘Control’ version of the app and and tried to open Qobuz and it’s saying it can’t find an mconnect compatible device on my network…

so I guess that the way they fund it?

I’ve just downloaded the mconnect Player Lite version (not the mconnect Control version) and that does seem to offer the N272 as a ‘Play to’ option at the bottom of the screen?

Hope that helps…or else the 5.99 version does work.

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