Naim 272 with dedicated seperate pre amplifier

I have 272 with 555 ps dr , core and SOtM cat 7 cables all on Naim FRAIM. I recently changed speakers to ATC 40 active. But the problem is impedence mismatch between 272 and ATC , so whether it will be advisable to go with ATC SCA2 discrete pre amplifier for sonic sig and impedence matching as Naim is not coming with 372 or 572 streamer cum pre amp

Why do you think there is an impedance mismatch ?

The volume increase upto 30 points donot bring 40 active effect and also below 50 volume some notes are missing

That’s surprising - a few on here have used this combination and it works well. How do you have the DIN to XLR cables wired - as per ATC recommendations ?

Yes DIN to XLR and at XLR end PIN 1 and PIN3 shorted.

There is known problems running atc active with naim centred around the cables
Hum and distortion being the problems

I know signals had some issues with this , but may have had some cables made to get round it…I’m not sure
Perhaps a phone call might help?

I used to run NAC272 into ATC19As without hum, distortion or volume difficulties, via RCA>XLR cables

Well my dealer dem’d ATC19As with 272 when I was thinking of moving in that direction. No hum, distortion or any other problem that I could hear. Not sure what cable they were using but sounded better than passive 19s with 250DR to my ears.

To the OP, the SCA2 is an excellent preamp, but wouldn’t you be wasting a good deal of that 272/555 goodness? Absent 372 or 572, an alternative might be to look at streamer preamps from the likes of Linn, dCS, Auralic etc all of which have balanced XLR outputs.


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