Naim 5.1 setup advice

Hi everyone
Currently running 2x nap 200 (FL, FR and C) one nap150 (SRL SRR) directly contacted to Arcam AV40.
My question is there any benefits adding naim nac,hicap and napsc between the Arcam and the Naim nap. If yes what is better to use av bypass or no.
Thank you in advance

Normally you’d be looking at integrating an AV system in with an existing Naim music system setup where the Naim system front L&R channels would be used. The Naim preamp would be used in AV bypass mode fed from the front channels of an AV processor when watching movies.

In your case there doesn’t seem the need for a separate NAC at the moment.


If you want a modern 5.1 setup, forget about NAIM. They forgot caring about it years ago. Front speakers yes, the rest…look elsewhere.

Horses for courses. NAIM are a hifi branch, not multichannel.

There may well be an advantage to doing this, but only for two channel sources - i.e. 2 channel music listening. You would want to use the AV bypass (Unity gain) function for integrating the Arcam AV40 with the Naim pre-amp.

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Agree with comments above. Arcam works well enough for surround duties, particularly with the Naim power amps. The benefit of a NAC would be to improve two channel sources as Richard indicates. I briefly ran a ND5 XS2 into an Arcam AV amp while I waited for my 282 and the stereo sound was adequate but hugely improved when the 282 arrived, as you would expect.

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