Naim 500 Series Speaker upgrades

Does that mean you would potentially order a £10k+ speaker from abroad you have never heard of?


If there is demo of it alongside the sopras i own and naim yes.
There is a channel on youtube where they compare the sopra 1, the kudos and Paradigm persona B on the 300 series.
Pretty helpful video if you are looking into comparisons.

Has anyone actually compared the sopra 1 with the diablo utopia?

Yes room is great but speakers too!


Nice speakers!

To the OP: I’d take a look at the K1 stand mounts. For a smaller room they could be a great contender.

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Quality speakers!

Off-topic: Fantastic room indeed, from space and design perspective :star_struck:. How do you temper the 2 hugely reflective glass surfaces from the back and right? Especially the right side, you have guaranteed first and second order reflections.

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Honesty I don’t give it much thought. My system sounds fantastic and I’ve had dozens of experienced listeners to my home who agree. I think people’s fear of glass and reflections is overblown. I’ve been in too many “rubber-rooms” where the sound just dies… no thanks. In my experience system setup is far more important. I do use 4 Vicoustic wave wood panels on the back wall. They helped to focus the sound.


Seems like im the only one in this forum to use Marten Mingus Twenty w 500 series… :sweat_smile:

I was using sopra 2 on my 500 series. Was thinking of scala utopia evo2 and had a demo in my house.

Same issue, too big for my room, end up w Mingus Twenty.

I wanted to go with the Focal Maestro, but aside the fact they are too big sound wise they are too big physically, i just can’t fit them !! they go 67 in depth and that means they will be sticking to the wall

hey if it works and you are happy with the sound that’s fantastic !!

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