Naim 523 boards Vs Linn Linto

Hello again, once again I’m after a little tech help, current system is 82,250, hicap, linn akurate with a ekos 2 and linn karma just back from re tip, speakers are pmc gb1i, plus a newly acquired Linn Linto all of which has been serviced at class A in the last two months inc the Linto,my question is i know if I leave the 523 k boards in the 82 it will take power so if I remove to use the Linto can you get straight through boards to replace them so I can use the phono input rather than the aux on the 82, once again any help is appreciated, regards.

Here you go:

I am sure others will correct me if I am wrong, but I think all you need do is remove the 523 boards and add straight-through boards - I think they are 526, but a dealer will tell you.

The alternative, if you want to keep the cards in place, is to get a hairdryer.

After about 3 minutes heating, the labels on the buttons on 82 or 52 can be gently pried out with the tip of a needle. While the glue is still tacky, swap the Phono label with that from another input button. I am grateful to others here and to Infidelity for patiently explaining this to me.

After using 523s for years, I swapped to Linto. With hindsight a Prefix might have been a better choice, but I was put off by being rather unimpressed with the Stageline. Eventually I bit the financial bullet and got a Superline from eBay - it’s fantastic. Others here have I think jumped brand to get a better phono stage than Stageline of Linto.

My conclusion was that the cards make a decent phono stage, and that Linto and Prefix and Stageline are clearly better - but that other phono stages are dramatically better again (even some that don’t cost a fortune).


Correct, the line level boards used on the NAC82 are the NA526 boards.

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You can replace the cards. I think the line link are the NA 526/1 cards. Aka. Unobtainium when I was looking for a pair. Gave up looking eventually as my Prefix uses Aux input for power. I considered the Linto at the time but was sold on the less boxes shorter arm cable. If I replace the Prefix I’ll jump ship and probably go Lejonklou if anyones interested. Definitely not the hairdryer :grimacing:

Hi again thanks for advice, at least now I can keep my eye out for 526 boards, I aren’t in a hurry, thank again Neil.

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My sense over the years is:

Linto>Prefix>Stageline>boards. I thought the Linto was quite a bit better than the NAIM options. I currently use a Stageline for convenience (and its powered from a 252/SCDR, so it sounds OK).

Thanks for confirmation, I have been in touch with class A who can supply and fit jumper cables a little like cartridge tags, I will try for 526 boards but if I cannot source at least I have an option, super cap is next on upgrade list, regards Neil.

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Jumper cables are the best option if NA526 boards cannot be sourced - the boards are just the same as jumpers but with PCB tracks.

Hello, must be my lucky day, 526 boards found and purchased, and to top it all I managed to bag not one but two Linn Troika cartridges from a dealer in Sweden, both boxed and look to be in vgc cosmetically, already had one from this source and it has been re-tipped at esco, Which is exactly what I intend to do with the pair just purchased, think I will do the lottery :grin:


At this rate you had better make it the Euromillions…

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