Naim 555 PS DR vs XPS DR ?!

I have a HDX powered by an XPS DR which because of my scenario is superb (superb regardless of my scenario!) and although maybe odd to some, going through (a considerably tuned) M.F NuVista 800 Amp’.

Can anyone advise me on what extra a 555 PS DR over my existing XPS DR would bring tlo the table? and is it worth the price difference (potentially £3,000)?

Any advice/info’ will be truly appreciated, thanks.

For that money, 3k, you could buy a second hand nds to go with your xps dr. It would be a much greater improvement than 555 dr on your hdx.
My opinion of course.


FrenchR has a point…the 555ps brings allot more of everything… it’s another step on more detail, transparency bass etc…speed. But it’s all relative…your setup will still be very very good…just not as good. NDS approach is a good idea…

FR’s idea is spot on, the NDS with XPS DR is an excellent source, of course it gets even better with a 555 PS DR!

I moved from NDX XPS DR to NDS XPS DR before upgrading the XPS DR to a 555 DR. I’ve heard the NDX with a 555 (non DR) and it didn’t do much more for me than the XPS DR does. Given that most people consider the HDX to be at a similar level to an NDX suspect the outcome will be very similar.

The HDX is somewhat long in the tooth and separating out the server and the player would be a worthwhile move. You then have the option to replace the server if it should fail without the burden of a streamer. You don’t even have to keep the HDX in the rack with a streamer in place, it could be relocated if space on the rack is an issue.

As Tricky said, you can place the hdx elsewhere and use it as a ripper/ nas, connected to a switch with an Ethernet cable. Or even replace it with a nas or uniticore ( for the price of the sold hdx).

I’m running an NDS with XPS-DR…I did try out the 555PS-DR and as most people will confirm it definitely does add a lot more, I thought it was quite significant at the time. However, I not only had to buy the 555PS-DR but also two new burndy cables specifically for the 555PS-DR which were about £900 (I think). Eventually I decided not to go with the 555PS-DR and use that money for other things. It’s really your call if it’s worth it but I’m sure you will notice an improvement.

A 250 dr would be a nice improvement too. However the nds works at his best with a 555 dr. Difficult to say which upgrade would give the best uplift. Perhaps the 250 dr…

I enjoyed my HDX and the very stable, east to use, n-Serve app. I added the 555ps roughly the same time as I bought a ndac. The ndac was a much bigger upgrade to the HDX than the power supply and the power supply on the ndac was simply awesome. I have heard of ndac’s trading at sub £1k prices. That is a steal and something worth considering IMO


…thank you.

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…thank you, appreciated.

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P.S: I tried a 250 DR and to be honest my ‘tuned’ M.F NtuVista 800 ran circles round it - in my set-up as described in original post / in ‘my’ room using KEF Ref’ 1’s!

I checked the wrong profile Simon. Obviously the 250 dr has no sense in your system.
But the nds yes. Nds/ xpsdr is much better vs hdx/ 555dr. Hdx/555dr/Ndac would be closer.

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…thanks again for your help, much appreciated. :+1:

+1 for NDAC upgrade … I had a HDX with XPS then upgraded to NDAC with the XPS before moving to 555DR … NDAC before 555DR would be best VFM upgrade i reckon as you already have a capable power supply

…thanks for your post; what does / will the N-DAC bring to the table so to speak?!
For potential future (way down the line financially speaking!), would the PS 555 DR power both my HDX and N-DAC?
All the best,

No, the 555 dr will not be able to power both. It will power the Ndac, which is the best option with the hdx. ( to power the Dac , not the Hdx).
However it will be more costly than adding just an nds for your xpsdr. And the last will still sound a bit better.
However a minority prefer an Ndac / 555 dr vs Nds / 555. So better try .

…thanks for your further info’… what will the n-dac (with my existiing HDX / PSX / etc) bring to the table so to speak?!