Naim 5i speaker buzz

Hello everyone, I have recently purchased a naim 5i that I use to drive the front speakers model chrona 816, upstream there is instead a sinto av marantz sr5013. I state that until a few days ago I had mounted a power amplifier nad as the final to drive the speakers with which I never had a problem. I eliminate only keeping the naim volume to a minimum, even if I keep the volume low enough it is heard, while raising it then disappears. it’s normal ? how could i fix the problem? second question the naim does not have a front power switch, but only the rear button, how do you behave you always keep it on? or do you turn it off every night after using it? thank you

It could be a signal ground loop, fairly common when certain AV amps are connected to Naim, as all the kit that floats on the AV end (most inexpensive AV kit, TV sets etc… use a floating earth) looks to the nicely earthed Naim kit to earth itself, usually via the interconnect. You could try a ground loop isolator between the AV amp and the NAIT, which usually cures the problem.

As per Ricard’s post
A friend had the same problem when he added a Marantz AV to his system, Marantz have no electrical earth, the power supply has L and N only.
I can confirm I fixed it with a ground loop insulator.
I’m not sure what brand, but it cost less than 10 € £

thanks for the tip, I try in the meantime so let’s see if I can fix it, thanks !!

Hi Mike-B did this adding this negatively effect the sound quality?


Hi Pumptonvinyl, I have no idea with my system as I’ve never had cause to use one.
I just posted the picture in my post to help the OP understand.
I installed one once on friends setup, this was a mixture of different brands & sources including A/V.
In theory it should not affect SQ, other than fix the poor SQ issue its intended to fix, but I’m sure others will have different options.

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