naim 5i vs 5si

Hello everyone I am super new to the forum, I ask you for a total ignorant opinion, to I would like to understand the difference between naim 5i and 5si, I state that they recommended this integrated amplifier for the bypass function that I need to exclude my marantz sintoav and have my focal speakers piloted via the naim. Do both models have the function? are there big differences? I ask because I have found a person who sells me the naim 5i at an affordable price, but before launching myself I wanted to understand if it was worth it or go to the 5si.
Thank you

Welcome to the forum Massimo.

The NAIT 5i came in two versions; the original NAIT 5i, and then the NAIT 5i (sometimes called NAIT 5i2 or NAIT 5i Italic). Then followed the NAIT 5Si. Each one an improvement on the previous version. All have AV bypass/Unity Gain capability.

p.s. I have translated your post. Please run any post through translation into English before posting. Thank you.


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