Naim 5si

Hi all.
Newbie here, after long admiring Naim products for around 35 years I have finally brought one. It’s only the 5si but I’m really looking forward to hear what it’s like in my system when it gets delivered next week.


Congratulations and welcome to the forum!

Please let us know what other components you are using in your hi-fi system. Also look forward to your comments on how you are getting on with the 5si once you have had a chance to set up and give it a listen.

Thank you
System comprises of Naim 5si(soon), B&W 705s2s, Cambridge Audio dac100 connected to a pc for Tidal.Plus Marantz sr6013 av amp which the naim will be connected to via ht bypass, and B&W htm71s2 centre,4 B&W M-1s for surrounds plus 4 yamaha ic800 for Atmos, think that’s it as well as apple tv for streaming movies

Hey congratulations! I bought my first Nait in 1987 and have been an avid listener ever since. Welcome to the journey! That amp gets better with upgraded power cords and speaker cables as well.

It’s coming with 1 pr X 3.5 m Naim NAC5 cable(terminated), although at the moment I’m using some nice audioquest cv6, would the naim cable be better?What power cords are recommended?

Yes and use the power cord that comes supplied with the amplifier.

It depends on budget. The new Audioquest Hurricane is one of the best cords I’ve ever heard. They are worth an audition on both your source components and your amplifier. Also, I recommend the ISO Acoustic products under your components as well. I have a pair under my UnitNova and the tweak is not subtle when you A/B the unit with an without vibration absorbing footers.

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