Naim A5 speaker cable good enough?

Hi there, is Naim’s A5 speaker cable good enough to go between my Focal Electra 1027 Be floorstanders and Naim NAP150x, NAC122x/ Flatcap 2x, NDX5 XS equipment? I mean the cable doesn’t appear to be anything special, would the system benefit from “high-end cables”? What would work well? Anyone got some real world examples of what works/ what to avoid? Cheers

Definitely “good enough”.

With your power amp, I would certainly want to be using Naim’s recommendation of at least 3.5m per channel (more is better here, I prefer 5-10m) of NACA5 with soldered SA8 plugs at the amp end.


Thanks for that Richard. Is there anything special about those Naim speaker cable plugs? I’m using 4mm banana plugs to terminate at both ends…

Yes, the SA8 was designed by Naim specifically for purpose. The plastic case supports the pins and allows them to make the best contact within the sockets. The metal of the pins is a perfect match to the sockets.



And I add my modest 2 cents - good enough especially with Focal speakers.


The plugs do not create stress on the mechanical speaker contacts inside the the amplifier. Win win.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that expensive necessarily means better. Sometimes it does, and sometimes, especially with ‘tweaks’ it can mean worse: manufacturers know that audiophiles and their money are often easily parted. If you are ever tempted to try exotic cables, do do it by audition before you buy or on a guaranteed money back if not satisfied basis, and I very strongly advocate getting someone else to swap cables randomly for you (sometimes not swapping but pretending to) as a simple ‘blind’ reality check to see if you are consistent in hearing a difference and if so which you prefer.


Even with higher end cables, I’d use the Naim plugs for all the reasons mentioned above. When I got new runs of Atlas Hyper 3.5, I got them unterminated and put Naim plugs on the amp end and selected Deltrons that match the speaker input terminals on the other.

A5 is a superb reference cable and to put things in perspective, it was the recommended cable for the 500 system until SuperLumina came along. Whether you like A5 or not is another matter entirely, but “good enough” it most certainly is.

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Agreed. Before reading this site I spent more money on cables suckered into the marketing pitch but was never satisfied. Borrowed some A5 cable after thinking these are inexpensive in comparison to my current cables, they can’t be that good. After a few tracks I realized the error in my ways and sold my cables and replaced them with A5’s.


I would stick with Naim’s recommendations if you own Naim devices, regardless whether it is speakers cables or interconnect cables, routers, switches, etc. because you know best whatever you design, engineer, and manufacture.

There would of course be some of exceptions, but generally it’s a tricky area.


Surely good enough for your system as others have mentioned. There are NAC552/300 owners who use the NACA5 so if it fits the 500 series it is surely good enough for the 122x/Flatcap2x/150x I presume.

What cable are you using at the moment with your Naim amps and Focal Electra 1027Be? Focal speakers tend to be on the forward/brighter side of things so the NACA5 may be a good fit to tame it down.

Well some other cables have actually been designed with Naim in mind. On the Atlas site, they make a public claim that they “worked with Naim and Linn” to design certain cables.

I would not have full confidence on these products unless Naim/Linn engineers endorse these cables, and I would also not fully trust any Naim/Linn dealers on any recommendation, they all have their own agenda.

Naim/Linn would also have their own agenda as well, but generally they would know whatever goes best with their own products based on their R&D.

Best thing is to go to the HIFI makers’ exhibitions and see they use for the demos.

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Fair enough. But I don’t put Naim or Linn engineers on a pedestal.


I put Naim’s engineering on a pedestal in the sense that JV had a vision of how audio systems should be constructed and the firm has stuck to and evolved that unique approach for 50 years now and kept that flame burning in a sea of bland mediocrity.


No, not good enough. Exploring different cables is also a very interesting journey. Have fun

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Can you please elaborate on that?

Not a very practical way of doing things for many, maybe most, people, nor quick!

I use naca5 with my 1028be and 272/xpsdr/250DR. I tried several cables and I always came back to naca5… Beryllium is not brighter, it is transparent it is not the same.

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