Naim Allae Design

Hi folks,

Can anyone direct me how to design a speaker system like the old Naim Allae? I like the idea of two separate boxes with the “slot” type bass reflex. this is to cut down on box resonance and also make it easier to move about.

This is for a home project.

thanks for any help or leads.

You could always send a message to Naim for the attention of Roy George - he led the design of the Allaes. Roy’s retired now but if you have any specific questions he may well be able to offer some advice.

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Im way out of my league here but note that Kudos 808’s have separate cabinets for bass vs. midrange and tweeter drivers, and I believe that the bass is (slot??) ported.

That’s a great idea, Richard. Just send an email to them and they will hopefully re-direct it?

thanks Bart, i will take a look there. I appreciate the input


I’m certainly no expert in speaker design, but I believe an important part of the slot reflex port is that the cabinets need to be heavily chamfered to avoid port noise.

A bit like this crude cross-sectional I just knocked up:


A bit less of the ‘old’ if it’s all the same to you :slight_smile:
I can confirm the chamfering around the port as Neil suggests.
Gorgeous speakers. Good luck with the project.

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