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Good evening everymore,

yesterday I listend to some LP‘s with my Uniti Nova and my Allae. I put up the volume from around 24 by clicking the „+“-buttons a couple of times in the Naim-App. I did that before, but this time the volume went to „100“ and instantly a loud crackling, rattling noise came out of the speakers. It lasted only a couple of seconds, because I switched off the Nova. Afterwards the Allae seemed to work.
Nonetheless I checked the Allaes, uncovered them and the Metal Plug from the Low-Midrange-Speaker from the left Allae fell down. I actually don’t know, if the Metal Plug was lying in between the cover and the speaker for weeks or months, since I didn’t move the cover for years or if the incident was the reason, which is more likely.
Anyway, I put the little plastic plug back into the Metal Plug and the Metal Plug back onto the speaker again.
Has anyone experienced something like this before?
Could there be any damage done to the Allae (the membrane of the speaker seems to be okay)? Do I need a new metal plug or a new plastic plug to connect the metal plug (the plastic plug was a little bit bent) or do I have to glue it in some way to the speaker (the metal plug of the other Allae is tightly connected)?

As I mentioned before, the Allae works, even if I didn’t test it for a longer period of time or at higher levels, since I wanted to make sure not to cause further damage, if the metal plug has a another purpose than only heat removal and resilience.

Thanks for your answers!

Regards from sunny Berlin.

Yes, this can happen if the sticky ring holding the two parts together has dried out. The split phase plug/heat sink then can move down the dowel and eventually drop off from the vibrations. Naim supply (supplied?) a phase plug repair kit (new dowel and new sticky rings) so contact your dealer and ask whether this is still available.

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I guess the sudden blast from the misbehaving Nova was what finally dislodged the plug. I once had a similar shock when my Superuniti turned itself on after a firmware update, changed inputs and turned its volume to 100%. Fortunately I was in the room and dived for the off button before any damage was done.
Hope you manage to get your Allaes fixed.

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Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much! I will do so.

:cry: Apart from the damage to your Allae (I hope it can be fixed), the inadvertent volume change is a big concern and similar things have been reported before. I do not know what the current state of this issue is, but I suppose @Will may want to investigate.

Greetings from sunny Berlin as well

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I believe it’s an app issue, incorrectly registering taps, and in this case might happen with system automation too. Not sure though. (Glad that I strategically placed remotes throughout the room)

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