Naim Allae - technical question


My brother bought a Naim Allae a few days ago from a well-known second-hand trading site. During assembly, we noticed that the foam on the top of the speaker fell apart when touched. I know that this problem occurs over time, given the age of the speakers (2002 SN). but I explained to him that it can be replaced with a new one. The other problem is that we saw on one of the speakers that this plate in the picture fell off. The place where it should be was sticky and with a little pressure we put it on and it stuck. After two days my brother checked the condition of the plate and it fell off again. my question is what is the role of this plate and does it matter exactly how it should be placed and what to stick it with? my other question is about replacing the foam, is it possible should I leave it for a while or should it be replaced sooner? Otherwise, the Allae sound great and just right. I would appreciate it if you could share your experience!
Thanks a lot!

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It’s a damped weight that counteracts box resonance at particular frequencies. I’d just stick it back in place if I were you.

The foam can go brittle and crumbly. Best left alone, but if it gets really bad there have been some threads on here about replacing it.


Thank you very much Richard!

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I’m hoping your brother is about to become a fellow resident at The Naim Home for the Distinctly Quietly Chuffed.