Naim Allae Tweeter Replacement

I recently discovered both Allae’s tweeters had failed - I have no idea why. I also discovered the original Scanspeak D2008/851100 unit had been discontinued some time ago.

The recommended replacement (D2008/852100) differs in two ways: four fixing holes instead of three, and terminals near the periphery rather than on the rear.

Drilling four new holes in the suspension plate and modifying the cabinet to accommodate the bolts and terminals was relatively straight forward. Soldering the very stiff cables to the terminals was simple enough too. However, the stiffness of the cables within the very small tweeter enclosure is preventing the suspension plate to act freely as intended; the cable forms a mechanical bridge to the internal surfaces of the tweeter enclosure. I have considered inserting a short length of flexible cable in order to free up the plate - this may compromise electrical integrity. perhaps.

I’m sure I’m not the first to tackle this job and would welcome advice and suggestions please.

Many thanks…

Paging @Leadpin

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@Grabradgate Fixed?

Sort-of. Tweeters are installed and sounding good. I just wonder if I’d notice an SQ improvement if it were possible to mechanically isolate the cables from the internal surfaces of the tweeter enclosure.
However, the Allaes are sounding very good connected to recently acquired Unitilite. I wonder how long the previous tweeters had been failing/failed.
My Qute 2 is currently the streamer in my classic setup with the IBLs. Sounds good too.

Wasn’t there a 52 and a pair of 135s?

Yes, Cdi, 52, S/Cap, Nat 02, 135s, IBLs plus Qute 2. Still thinking about just using the Qute and moving the rest on. I’ve ‘been there - done that’ so quite happy with Unitilite into Allaes and Qute 2 into IBLs.

In which case, I’ll be happy to take the 52 and SC off you for ten bob. Seems only right since I was the bloke who suggested the NAP110 or NAP140 to you on your other thread, when you preferred the UQ2 driving the Allaes to the NAP135s.

But seriously, glad you have sorted the tweeters.

Thank you for your advice, thoughts and humour!

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Thanks. I’ve acquired the alleged humour from my dealer. He insists there are not many Naim ‘problems’ to which a NAC52 is not the answer :grinning: