Naim amp / general upgrade advice

Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined the forum and thanks in advance for any help. I’ve an Lp12, a400, naim cd5i and keilidhs and was looking to upgrade. I was presuming that my amp was the weak spot and was hoping to buy a naim amp.

I don’t want to spend more than £600 and was thinking of 92/90, an older 42/110, or stretching to 102/150.

What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance

Had a 90/92 and an LP12, and they are a good match

I don’t know about the Keilidhs , but there will be someone on here who knows.

If I were you, I would be careful of the provenance of them and perhaps look to a dealer like Tom Tom or maybe get a Nait 3 and have it serviced , then at a later date add a NAP 92 or in my experience a Flatcap would be the logical place as the next building block.

Good luck

Thanks Ian, there are a few on eBay at the moment so I’ll take a look.

Thumbs up here, for Tom Tom and others deals who have pre-loved Naim, such as Cymbiosis. I have experience of pre-loved items from both of these dealers and am happy to recommend them. There is also eBay of course.

Do plan on getting any older items serviced before serious use. I would suggest/recommend Class A in Sheffield here.

How about aiming for a 62 or 72, plus a 110 or 140…?


Agreed re Tom Tom. Excellent advice for one thing and reliable service when ordering new or second hand equipment. Also good when trading in you own equipment should you ever want to.

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From the three amps you list, I would probably choose the 42/110. However, all of these amps are old enough to need a service/recap if they are to sound anywhere near their best. You should also check the provenance of the amp, as some have had all sorts of modifications, DIY tweaks etc. so you know what you’re getting.

I drive Linn Kabers with an unserviced original Nait 1, and it has to be heard to be believed. Of all the Olive and Chrome bumper stuff i’ve owned (most everything made), the Nait1 would rank at the top along with a 32/160. I’m sure a Nait 1 would do a great job with your speakers.

Hi and welcome to the forum, I would perhaps consider a 42/110 although it may be worth checking the 42 is updated to a 42.5 which I believe is performed on a service.

The reason is the 42.5 will support future use of a HiCap (dual rail supply) as opposed to single rail with the 42. I had a 42/110 for many years and enjoyed it a lot, Im sure it would provide a very genuine ‘naim sound’ and a great start. Other than that a 62/110 or 62/140 (also owned a 62 & 110 converted to 140) would be equally good as would a 72 if funds can stretch. Just check the dates of last service.

Edit, I see people reccomend TomTom & I purchased an olive HiCap from them, very good to deal with.

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