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Hi, thanks for the add. Just want to get some advice from the group. My Nait 5Si which I bought just under 2 months from A2A having some issues on the right channel. The right channel started to cuts off after few minutes of playing music. Just a faint pop noise and it goes dead. Put my ears near the speaker, can hear some hiss on the tweeter but no sound. Turn off the unit and back on. Same thing as well. Tried to change the speaker around, same thing. I unplugged the rca cables from the input selection from TUNER to CD. Works fine. Then tried back to TUNER. Right channel dead again after few minutes. Is it a faulty unit?

Sounds like a faulty relay perhaps. Not sure if A2A is a dealer? If so, back to the dealer to get it fixed.

Most likely a relay problem as @PSAN has said. These do seem to occur every now and then. Hope you can get it sorted with the dealer.

So its a new unit…? Please - contact your dealer.

Contacted dealer A2A. They said pls contact Westan as they are no longer the distributor for Naim / Focal. Now waiting Westan to reply my email.

I would suggest you take it back to the dealer and either get a replacement or a refund.

Any new distributor probably won’t wish to deal with it (your warranty contract is made between you and the original dealer/distributor), or, may not be able to at the current time.

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I will contact A2A if I get no response from the new distributor. Is kinda disappointing as this is my first Naim product that I ever owned. The dealer is from another state as this Naim amp is only available to purchase online not through their local store. I hope they will honour their product warranty if I get no luck from new distributor.

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Australian Consumer law enforces they act on your behalf to aid in service channel dealings, at the very least.

Their customer service is solid, and I’m surprised they didn’t swap over under ‘early life failure’,… although two months this is more optional stuff…

I’d replace leads altogether, but thats just cause I recently found a set of my best interconnects to be broken internally.

having rotated them via subwoofers, preamp duties and headphone amps etc, a few bits of kit I had diagnosed as flakey, are actully all fine. (but my RCAs work intermittently).

That being said, getting a serviced amp or a replacement shouldn’t be hard, just timely…

A retailor under ACCC guudelines- needs handle the service channel for the products it sold.

I’ve been given fantastic after sales care by this mob, via Australian AND New Zealand stores… (I’ve dealt with staff at all branches and backoffice)
Even beyond warranty, the owners care’ and build long term (repeat) relations.

I stopped shopping around years ago because I trust the staff (they talk me out of more purchases than I make;) because they help me build systems adhereing to my goals and tastes.

The 5si is an excellent buy. (worth posting even though I am a ‘bricks and mortar’ shopper exclusively)

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