Naim and JBL

Anyone tried/heard JBL speakers using Naim amp?

Yes, I have some experience with Naim and JBL. I have never quite got over hearing a wonderfully restored pair of 4343s playing on the end of a fairly modest Naim system. From that moment a pair of 4343s were on my “must have one day” list. Whether I could live with them as my only pair of speakers, I’m not so sure, but what they did while playing Neil Young’s sublime Rust Never Sleeps raised the hairs on my arms.

Closest I have got so far is a pair of L110s with bass drivers that are in need of refoaming, and a pair of 4311s that were originally used by Martin Birch in his studio. The 4311s are terribly flawed in many ways but good fun with the right music.

I mostly listen to Rock, Blues and Metal, JBL Do this really good. I have never heard the Naim/JBL combo, so thanks for answering. I’m been looking at the L100 classic (updated version) and the S3900.

This explains a great deal after hearing anything produced by Martin Birch. :slight_smile:

My old pair of JBL L36 are by far the best speakers i ever had for rock music! :guitar:

True, JBL knows how to get the foot going.

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