Naim App 6.0.5 - Input-specific volume setting

Not sure if I am missing something but I am no longer seeing the input-specific volume settings in the Naim app 6.0.5 (for my Muso Qb 2). I have boosted Analogue volume input a while ago and now I am unable to find the setting again. (Looking at Input Settings → Analogue all I see is Input Enabled / Input Name / Dim Lights).

Has this setting been moved?

You should see slider controls for Input Trim (volume) and Lip Sync on both Analogue and Digital inputs. Something is wrong if these are not visible.

While my post was waiting for approval I tried to disable and re-enable the inputs and it worked. Looks like fresh install of 6.0.5 might mess up with default visibility though as I had the same issue on 2 devices - one iOS and one Android. The steps above fixed it on both. Thank you!

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