Naim App & Access points

Some weirdness for you.
New house, new environment. ND5XS & NDX2. Melco N1 Iphone 11 and ipad air. Vigor 2866 vdsl router + 2 vigor 903 access points
I had thought that naim app just worked better with sky isp router as it was well flaky with the vigor and for a while was using the sky router and the vigor…ethernet from sky to LanB on vigor allowing me a more secure environment on a non 192.168 network. However I found the compatibility mode setting on the naim app for the ND5XS so tested that for a few days and everything worked a treat. The ND5 is in my office and therefore I am invariably using iphone which will have authenticated via access point not the vigor router. Simplified system and removed the sky router so just the vigor set up. All worked swimmingly typically using iphone for nd5xs and ipad for NDX2. After a couple of weeks ipad kept losing the streamers and or the N1. Some time later twigged that if either i device authenticated via a 903 then all was well if they authenticated via router no streamers. Tested this multiple times. The router can use 11ax, the ap’s can’t but all set to mixed mode anyway. just to test I set router to mixed mode without ax ie same as 903’s. This didn’t make any difference , updated firmware on router - minor release out of date…no difference. As far as I can see 903’s and 2866 have the same wireless config (wpa3 accepted). Have ticket open with Draytek

The ND5XS sees the N1 via upnp and the NDX2 via “servers” although what that means in practice I have no idea.

Anybody any ideas?

It’s just the name that Naim used to use (upnp) and now uses (servers). You can change the name of the input if you want. But the protocols and electronics is the same.

Like this:

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