Naim App:after searching Rovi neither Freedb nor MusicBrainz are searched for metadata

either MusicBrainz and Freedb shows metadata on the website but not Naim app. Naim App seems to search only on Rovi. This explains the lack of metadata…

@davidhendon , June 2021:

It was three, but it’s two currently, as Freedb has shut down now. Naim use Rovi and MusicBrainz.



I think FreedB was rescued so it should be all three again, if we are talking about the UnitiCore.

the issue is not with the providers but with the Naim App.
I verified that if the metadata (that doesn’t exist on Rovi) is not loaded even if it exists on Musicbrainz

The app doesn’t look up the metadata or process the results. And all of these metadata engines have multiple APIs. What result the metadata engine returns will depend on exactly what the licence that Naim has bought provides. The fact that you can find something on a web search is not relevant at all.

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