Naim App age restrictions


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Yet my family can use the Linn App. I wonder if Naim could think of a workaround to make their app available for younger and future customers.

Hardly Naim’s fault that Apple is so rigid, so it will probably be difficult :thinking:

@Bjorn Thats where i am and I think Naim is… Its a shame tbh.

Think you should blame the right company in this case, i.e. Apple. There is no platform that is as rigid and un-user-friendly as Apple, they seem to think that the users exist for them and not the other way around… Buy any Android product and your problems are solved.

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Sounds like a good reason to go Android :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No reasons needed, so…:sunglasses:

The good lady’s mother passed away last year and she recently inherited her mother’s iPad Pro. The iPad is such a pain in the neck to get anything done on that yesterday she bought a Lenovo Android tablet to replace it. The iPad was supposed to replace her old Huawei tablet that was getting a bit long in the tooth but somebody else in the family can have it instead :slight_smile:
At least it reminded me why I don’t buy Apple products :rofl:


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