Naim App age restrictions

Is there any reason why the naim app in the apple ecosystem is rated as 17+? I’m trying to find a way to let my kids operate my NDX2 via the app, setup their own playlists etc. But they cannot download the app due to the age restriction.

Just seems a bit odd for there to be a restriction on its use.

This is what a App Store says about 17+ apps:

It sounds like a mistake and I wonder if Naim can request the category be changed. Maybe one for @Stevesky ? That said, I can understand why many Naim owners might not want their five year old controlling the stereo. Clearly yours are a bit older!

Yes, my kids are a little older, 10 and 13. Very much into music (both playing instruments) and wanting to explore. Pre-NDX2 we were streaming via melco and the kids had it installed on their ipads.

It does feel a bit like a mistake to have it as 17+. Its not Grand theft Auto.

I think it is because the Naim app can access third party media services (Qobux/Tidal etc…), which can have songs with naughty words… I know :tired_face:


I suspect that to be the reason also, but isn’t that the same as saying VLC player can play pornographic videos, and therefore should be 18 rated. Tidal does have an option to disable Explicit tracks, and I suspect Qubux the same. Perhaps it’s just a mistake when Naim filled out the Apple App Form, which I know from raising an issue a few months ago, was the cause of another issue when Apple changed that form.

Maybe… I guess in the case of VLC, it does not link to definite media companies, but can be configured to connect to ANY server through a number of protocols.

Qobuz and Tidal are external commercial entities that definitely have “explicit” content, and the flicking of the “exclude explicit content” is not available within the Naim app. All of this is conjecture of course!

Getting a family Ipad or Android tablet just for using the Naim app could be a way around this, albeit a fairly expensive one.

Do your kids have Spotify accounts?

One of them does (spotify is 12+)

Tidal 12+
Linn Kazoo 4+
Audiovarna (sp) 4+
Spotify 12+
Amazon music 12+
Deezer 12+
Apple music 12+
VLC 4+

Naim / Focal 17+

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I do have a spare ipad but its a bit old and if I recall correctly doesnt work with the naim app (i’m going to have another check tonight to confirm)

Can’t they use that then?

“If i recall correctly it doesnt work with the naim app”

Spotify Connect.

Directly connects to your streamer, dont need Naim app.

They can have a playlist each on the same account.

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I re-checked just now. My old ipad is too old to run the naim app

It certainly looks like a mistake when it has a PEGI 3 classification on the Google Play store meaning suitable for all age groups

I meant Spotify, not your old Ipad.

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I too would like the naim app age restriction lowered on iOS, I would like my family to be able to play music on the hifi too.

Or maybe an Apple executive doesn’t want his kids using his Naim system?

Just as some feedback, I had a reply from naim on this topic - text repeated here (names redacted)

It is a question that we have been asked a few times in the past. The age limit is something that is set by Apple when you submit an app for general release. If the app has use of certain web based features, like unrestricted use of an internet browser, then the app is automatically assigned an age restriction, and that age is pre-determined by Apple.

The web based browser is used on products like the Uniti Core when a user searches for album art, so, unfortunately, this isn’t something that we’re able to change.

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