Naim App and iOS 16

I don’t know as I don’t use Minimserver.

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Any ideas or date as to when the update to the new app is going to be ? The current usability is starting to wear a bit thin now. Thanks!

The new app version is out and seems to be fixing the issue.

Hey, that was pretty quick, nice one

Still having issues here. iPhone on 16.0.2, app on 6.0.1 build 8098. Found all servers after a reboot of router. Played an album, leave phone locked for a couple of minutes, wake it up and all servers gone. They then reappear in about a couple of minutes. One server is a Melco running minimserver, the other is a synology nas running minimserver and native synology upnp. Happy to provide more information as required

With the release of latest app version (and the fixes), I have finally made the leap and upgraded my iPhone (XS Max) to iOS 16.0.3 and the Naim app to 6.0.1 (build 8098), and also upgraded firmware for Uniti Atom to the latest version (version 3.8.3)

Did the obligatory power off for the Atom after the firmware was upgraded. The Naim app recognized the device as well as the music library in my NAS (Synology, still running DSM 6.4.2, with Asset UPnP on R7.3).

So things seem to be working ok for me.

I suppose at some point I should think about upgrading to DSM 7 and the latest Asset UPnP firmware as well …

No reason not to do this.
DSM-7 has proven to work well, it’s has a few updates, now on 7.1.1.
I found it’s a good idea to ‘uninstall’ all the packages that you don’t use that can be uninstalled, this reduces RAM load.
Asset UPnP 7.5 has some useful improvements.

A minor observation: browsing files from the NAS / Asset UPnP seems snappier than before. In the past, I often experienced the loading icon when going into the folder lists, which took a few seconds (anywhere from 3-10+ seconds) before I could properly browse what albums I wanted to listen to. As a reference, Asset says I have 3684 albums, and I am still ripping and adding new CDs to the library.

Not sure if this is because:

  • fresh upgrade of iOS 16 cleared some cache/memory making interface more responsive
  • interface optimizations in the new app? Does anyway know if any re-factoring of the code was done?

Also wondering if performance/snappiness of the app interface will degrade over time. As that was what happened before.

Hi all,

iOS app v6.0.1 is now available to install from the App Store. This release contains a fix for the slow discovery on UPnP servers on iOS 16.

Thank you for your patience while we resolved this.



Sadly I’ll have to upgrade my phone (1st gen iPhone SE) before I see the discovery issue resolved.

The discovery issue is an IOS 16 problem not a Naim app problem (although someone recently reported that it also affected IOS 15.7 - but many people have said it didn’t affect IOS 15.7 for them). The Naim app 6.0.1 update should fix that IOS problem, but if you are running an IOS version earlier than 15.7, then you won’t be seeing that discovery issue anyway.

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Yeah! It works again! Party time all round! :tada:

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Thanks for the clarification

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Thanks for the fast work on this!

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New IPhone 14 on IOS 16.0.3 new Naim app. Follow ed the Naim trouble shooting guide. Simply powered the Muso 2 down unplugged it. Let it sit 5 minutes, turned it on a bingo alls fine

I just upgraded to the latest iOS for my iPhone and the upnp server does not show up as a service but when it does come up the Uniti Nova cannot play the files. It seems to work fine on my Denon Avr 4700 and Sonos Ones. Still not sure what’s going on.