Naim App and iOS 16

Has anyone else encounterd the problem I’m having since updating my iPhone to iOS 16 yesterday?

The Naim app will no longer connect to any UPnP servers (in my case MiniServer and Synology Media Server). My work phone and iPad, both of which remain on iOS 15, are still fine but both my iPhone and that of my wife will no longer connect to the servers now they are on iOS 16.

All other app functionality (iRadio, TIDAL etc) appears fine.

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I did update last night. The Naim app works OK to my NDX2. Not quite the question you asked, I know. May be worth a restart of your UPnP devices, and possibly the router.

I’m having the same issues.

All devices are on the latest firmware and are rebooted one by one.

2 iOS 16 devices have no Upnp server and 1 on iOS 15 device it does.

Already e-mailed support but no reply jet.

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro are on iOS 16
iPhone 11 on iOS 15

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Thanks. Yes, everything here on iOS 15 is still fine but those updated to 16 have stopped. I’ll do a support message too.

NB: iOS 16 has not been released for iPadOS yet, not sure when, but they released 15.7 yesterday for some reason.

Yes, which is a good thing as it is the only way I can access the servers now…

Same issues for me as well.

15.7 on ipad is fine. 16 on iphones nothing.

Emailed support already but no response bar standard ticket number reply.

I sent a post & link for this thread to the Naim beta team

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Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Glyn.

I’ll hold off iOS 16 for the moment, not that I can update anyway until I make some space!

I am experiencing a delay of a minute or two in connecting to the music server - I updated to ios 16 last night. Has everybody been waiting more than feels comfortable before concluding there is no connection?

I have been experiencing some delays for the last week when we had four power cuts in a couple of days (a few seconds each) but it seems to have got much worse today. I had been assuming it was the same problem but maybe this is now a new one…

Ok, so tried the app on my Mac and that connects immediately (whereas the iPhone app is showing delays when tried at the same time). My delayed connection seems to be maybe connects to iOS 16 after all

Thanks to the OP for the heads up, the following may be useful

  • iOS 16 is only available for iPhones 2017 on
  • iOS 16 is reported to have a wide and considerable number of changes, enhancements et al - for those not already updated “caveat emptor”
  • iOS updates for iPads - Apple has reported that the update would be deferred until iOS 16.1 is released - in case anyone wonders why they are not seeing an update on iPad (Apple is reported to have struggled with some of the new features fully functioning on the tablets)
  • Before updating, for those not on auto update / icloud syc, always worth taking a backup.

Anyone tried a backup restore to reinstall iOS15 - assuming no backup has been instigated after iOS 16 has been installed?

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Uppdated to iOS 16 on a iPhone 12 all good here.

Same Same

I Am on the iOS 16.1 beta for iPad and the upnp server appears, but it takes a lot longer time to do so.

iOS 16 for iPad will come later and iOS 15.7 an important security patch and also is the latest oficial release for iPad.

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Thanks for info.
It looks like iPadOS is skipping 16 and going straight from 15.7 to 16.1 when it’s validated.
Whatever, early days but it looks like there is a possible compatibility problem with the Naim app, so it’ll be good if the HQ app team get going on this & hopefully figure out what’s going on.

The Naim App realy needs an update for iOS 16, upnp realy is slow now to appear.

Is Roon okay with iOS16, or should I hold off?

Same problem. iOS 16 can not find the upnp server.

It takes about a 10+ minutes for the upnp server to show on iOS 16 as I just noticed

Edit: if you close the Naim app and want to change music after 2 songs. You have to wait another 10+ minutes to reconnect to the server

Same here.
Only asset works properly but it needs a couple of minutes to show on the server page.

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