Naim App and its use on Android 5.1

I left a comment within the “New app” topic but due to its vast number of entries, difficult to see if anyone commented, therefore starting a new topic.
Could someone answer the following questions associated with the Naim app and its use on a tablet using Android 5.1.
Previous to the “New” app October 2022, I used the above device without any major issues and sometimes re installed the app from the Play Store when the app was sluggish.
App “reset” rather than complete re-install has been the way forward, since recent advice.
The tablet currently has Naim App version 2.24.0 and working.
Since the new app has been issued, it does not appear within my “Play Store” and only retrievable through Google search. As this new Focal/Naim app is designed for Android 6.0, I assume this is why it’s not searchable within my “Play Store”.
I should have qualified a little - the tablet is used primarily for the Core and not much else.

  1. I assume, in the event of MY app requiring a reinstall or for that matter an app “reset” -
    I will not be able to carry out either operation and will be without an app to operate the Core.
  2. Is there an alternative to having to purchase a new tablet to operate the Naim Core?
    Many Thanks

You can download older versions of the app as an apk file and install them.

Thanks SP for the information. I did Goggle and it came up with for the 2.24.0 version.
Assume, just download straight onto tablet like you would a Play Store App?
Have you used this site and “reliable”?

Yes,download it and run it. An apk file is a complete package file for an app. Possibly Android will ask you for permissions to run it because it is from an “untrusted” source. Or you will have to set these permissions somewhere. Don’t remember where exactly but Google is your friend. I did not use this site but some similar one. Can’t remember which exactly. Had no problems,nothing shady.But Android 5.1 is very old so probably you’ll use that tablet only for the Naim app. So worst thing is you end up with a bricked tablet that you can’t use for something else anyway.

Will see when the time comes for an app reset.
Many Thanks for your help.

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