Naim app and order of saved radio stations

Good morning. Can anyone help with this minor irritation please… Is it possible for the default order of saved radio stations to be ordered by Title rather than Date Added? Thanks.

when you select ‘presets’ on the app you can press down on any station and slide it up or down with your finger

Thanks that is helpful. However it is the non-presets that are the irritation as they cannot be reordered as far as I can see, hence was hoping the default order could be set to Title A-Z.

There is no sort order for any category but “presets”; not albums et al. Presets are saved on the streamer.
Incidentally your profile doesn’t list a streamer and always useful to state on which os you are using app, since there are two!

Thanks. I have a MUSO (Gen 1) , a MUSO Qb and a ND5 XS2. This partic irritation is applicable to all 3. But looks like I haven’t missed anything and will live with it! I do think the UEx could be better but hey ho. Thanks again.