Naim App, Apple "lossless"

I got a new Muso2. Naim app seems better (quicker and more stable) in its latest version compared to the one when I had UQ2 years ago. In the app, there is no fwd-rwd in Spotify playback page, only volume slider. Was it always like this? Yet, fwd-rwd is available in Airplay.

I was a Tidal Hifi subscriber before. It is not available in the country that I currently reside, or Qobuz for that matter. As an Apple Music user, I tried airplay. Apple app indicates 16/44, 24/44 or 24/48 ALAC depending on the album, however I am not really convinced with the output from Muso. It did not sound like CD quality. Let me put it this way: There was no big jump in SQ that I had when I switched from Spotify to Tidal Hifi. Can it be the limitation of Airplay2, during casting something lost (I cannot verify this from Naim App)? Or is it because Apple “lossless” is not really lossless we know like Flac or Wav files?

Maybe Deezer Hifi is the way to go until Spotify Hifi is launched globally.

Worse. What I was alluding to was that the Nova’s optical input maxes out at 96…lol…

It only plays as lossy aac via Airplay 2 , its not lossless at all.

Toslink officially only supports up to 24/96 in any implementation, so this is not a limitation of the Nova per se. Sometimes it will work up to 24/192 if you’re lucky, but this is on the limit of its ability therefore not officially supported.

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I see, thanks.

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