Naim app/ bluetooth/ roon

Should i be using the bluetooth connection to stream with tidal into my atom, for best sound using tidal, I have ipad what do i need to set up roon. I just picked up a new atom today, Playing my 15 year old revel m22s, They have never ever sounded so good. Ive driven them w sony es, meridian, linn classic and bryston ssb 60 integrated. This is quite a piece for 3k us. I demoed listening to some spendor 3/1 s and some dyaudio special 40s. And they were set up with some tune tots. Im pleased with my m22s, will probably get the 3/1 spendors at some point. Any tips appreciated

Don’t know about Roon but you shouldn’t have to use Bluetooth if your Atom is connected to the internet to stream Tidal. Just use the app to control it.

Yes. Im playing with the naim app. Figured it out i think. Im blown away by this. Got qbuz going too, i havent even set up my speakers properly, just in the corner of the room Ive had some decent equipment, this is soo good for the $$$.

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I have an Atom as my second system and it constantly surprises me and friends just how good it sounds. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it as well, cheers.

Roon needs a computer to run the software. If you don’t have a device you can dedicate to that, or don’t want to build your own pc (an intel nuc is possibly the easiest diy route) then you can buy a roon nucleus server.
I suggest at this stage, spend the free month choosing between tidal and qobuz, then keep one and just use the Naim app.

Thank you, that makes sense. I already have a qobuz subscription

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