Naim App can’t find Linda Ronstadt!

Hi, I have recently purchased a Uniti Star and I am really pleased with it. I have ripped over 700 CDs and the latest firmware update seems to have fixed previous dropout issues. However, after successfully ripping quite a few, about 7 I think, Linda Ronstadt cds, they don’t appear in the newest rips category, Under L in artists, R in artists, neither are they to be found in Various nor in Unknown etc, where the heck are they? Is Linda Ronstadt persona non grata or is there a conspiracy afoot? Any help would be appreciated as she is one of the best!

Try running the files through a tag viewer or editor and see what’s there.

If any data is missing, you can add it and resave the files.

MP3Tag is a popular one.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am ripping from a cd with the Uniti Star cd player, the cd appears with all of the artwork and track info and rips with no errors, then when I go to find it there is nothing to find or play back?
How do I find the data to tag ?

Assuming you can access your other music, and that the Star normally shows new rips immediately, might it be that the storage - is this a drive plugged into the Star? - is full up? That’s probably a daft idea of course.

If you want to use a non-Naim tag editor you should locate the album on a computer and make a copy. Edit the copy (then probably delete the original) and use a different folder to store it.

Have you tried searching for a unique track from one of the albums?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I did think of this, however, the Samsung 1 Tb drive is still showing over 500 gig free. Also, I can add other CDs that are not Linda Ronstadt and they rip and show normally? I am thinking that there might be a proprietary safeguard from the recording company that is preventing ripping saves? Has anyone else experienced this kind of restriction from this or any other artist?

If everything else shows ok, and you’ve tried adding new stuff after the Linda Ronstadt CDs, it does point to protection on the CDs themselves.

You could try ripping the albums using your computer and seeing if that works. If it does you could then copy them to the Samsung. I believe you’d need to add a separate folder in order not to mess up the Naim-created database.

I agree with Neilb1906, its as simple as looking at the metadata to check that all the tag fields are entered.
Check that Title, Artist, Album, Album/Artist tags in the left sub screen are entered.
If not, thats the problem, enter them yourself.

Hi, thanks for this, I will give it a go and get back if it works or even if it doesn’t.

Hi, I know what you mean, I have transferred files to this ssd before and have missed the album art. I haven’t used the programme that you screenshot to me, only osx iTunes, so will hit it a try, thanks very much for your input!

I’ve found that iTunes/Apple Music is an effective way to rip CD that other rippers (particularly my Unitiserve) can’t handle, especially when copy protection is the problem, so that would be my first suggestion.
Having said that, if, as you say, the rip completes successfully, I’m not convinced that copy protection is the issue here.

Thanks Chris, I will give it a go. I had tried initially when I purchased the ssd, to transfer my music files from my iMac, however, quite a few of these had no album covers and as I think you know already, you can’t add it later with the Naim app as there is no option for editing Metadata with transferred files. I decided that I would prefer the convenience of editing files on my iPad rather than cranking up the, now rather dated, iMac. It seems that if I want to listen to the lovely Linda, I will just have to go back to waiting for the Mac to boot up. No biggy really, as the vast majority of my CDs rip beautifully. At least I have learned a couple of things from this experience. Thank you very much for your comments!

A simple power off, unplug, and then replug and boot up may well fix this, as it does with the Core when completed rips are sometimes not visible in the app. Also check under “Newest CDs” via the app to se how the rips have been tagged.

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