NAIM app crashes instantly on iOS

As of Saturday Sept 19, NAIM app crashes consistently on all iOS devices upon startup. Have reinstalled the app and power cycled all devices with no luck. Now lost on what else to try. Suggestions anyone?

Did you upgrade to iOS 14 already? (I haven’t, no issues here with the App.)

Just read today, that iOS 14 changes behavior of WiFi handling. (It switches local MAC address. And I think, an app must now be allowed to access the local network. Either of which could confuse an app depending on finding other equipment like streamers on the local network.)

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It is still fine on iPhone XS and iPad Pro 11 inch both running IOS 13.7 here.

What IOS version are you running? What Apple devices are they? What exactly do you mean by “crashing”?



It’s working fine on 14 here

I updated to iPadOS 14, no problems at all, app is OK, just the same as before.

I doubt ‘private address’ has any bearing. This is simply about the wifi MAC address being changed every 24 hours.
The ARP protocol that every device on a home network utilises will take care of this. UPnP discovery uses SSDP not layer 2 discovery.
You might find some basic wifi access security connection methods are however incompatible with ‘private address’ on some wifi access points.
This feature is configurable.

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Mines working on my iPad and iPhone but I have noticed recently it is “sticking” every now and then. It’s a bit frustrating but just closing down and reopening fixes it.

Deleting the app and reinstalling should fix any issues. I’m on iOS14 too and no issues.

I am an iOS14 no issues - the only change was that OS asked my permission for the Naim app to undertake discovery on the network. This appears a once only question and inline with other apps

14 no issues

Duh my bad, still on 13.7, but no issues

Thanks for the feedback. As noted, reinstalling and restarting all devices did not solve it. However, I changed some preferences in the TIDAL app (quite apart from the NAIM app) and things are working again on the iPhone and iPad with the NAIM app. Not sure these are related but there you have it.

Do a phone reset rather than just powering down. That often fixes apps that crash.

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Not Naim App - but has anyone tried iOS 14 with n-serve?
Does it still work or should I be very carefully with the iOS update.
Anyone with with the old app running?

I’ve seen this issue too. The Tidal app was causing me problems if I opened it then just minimized it and did not also swipe it away to stop it from running in the background, another network app (not necessarily the Naim app) would not work properly and sometimes crash instantly. When the Tidal app was totally removed from running in the background my network app resumed working properly. I can repeat this behaviour, iOS 14, iPod Touch.

I’ve running the latest ISO and my N-Serve and it’s working . I don’t use it that much these days, however from I can see there’s no issues.

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