Naim app Equalizer

I’m considering the Naim Uniti Atom.

Does anyone have an opinion on the equalizer on the Naim app? I need to turn up the bass, especially at low volumes, because of genetic hearing loss. Does the equalizer work well?

If anybody has a screenshot of how the equalizer in the app looks, I will be happy for that!

Hi, there is no graphic equaliser on any Naim equipment. They have always had a purist attitude to sound quality and avoid anything that degrades it.
You might consider looking at Roon, which is supported by Naim streamers (including the Atom) and has parametric EQ built in. This is a lot more sophisticated than an old fashioned graphic equaliser and is highly configurable.

The only thing like this I can think of is the loudness setting on the Uniti, that would lift bass response at low volumes, it is just on/off. I have that setting on my Unitiqute 1. Not worth screenshotting unless you need to see where in the menus it is?

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