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I am having serious issues with the Naim app on my android phone. It takes a good few minuites to get up any albums from the Naim Core to play on my Naim Nova and sometimes it just doesn’t work at all. I press the buttons and it is either really delayed or doesn’t do anything. I am really struggling over this as it makes me not want to use it.

I have a samsung note 9.

I have deleted and reinstalled the app which didn’t make any difference
I have refreshed the app with no luck.

On the other hand my partners Iphone works absolutley no problem.

If anyone can help that would be great.

I gave up with the naim app on android for this reason, I have a Pixel 3a so had expected it to work OK. I went out and got an iPad and it works so much better. That being saind I am a bit peeved at having to buy what in effect is a really expensive remote as I don’t use the iPad for much else.

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This may be a daft question…

Turns out it was…


There has been long standing issues with the android version of the app

I gave up on it also …bought an £80 iPad used
Best “upgrade” by far

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It literally makes it unusable! I like you don’t want to have to spend money on an ipad. I am not a massive fan and don’t want the outlay for a remote control. Its crazy.

I am not happy that Naim have forced us to have to go down this line due to an extremely poor app. Their kit is expensive enough without having to fork out on an expensive " remote"

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Oddly enough I have 3 android devices and 2 iOS devices.

Android for me works better than iOS by far though I lament the lack of Rovi. It’s faster and more responsive.

The only exception being Android 7 or lower doesn’t play nice with the new streamers.

Do you mind me asking what android devices they are please.

Asus Zenfone 4
Asus Zenfone 5 (which is counterintuitively much older than the 4 by several years)
Asus tablet (i forget the model number)

I also have an iPod touch and an iPad mini which work okay but are a bit sluggish.

The Zenfone 4 on Android 8.0.1 is the best user experience.

This seems to be the stumbling block with the app
There are so many versions and types of android…it’s difficult for naim to make the app work well with all of them …all the time
Apple on the other hand seems more suited to a solution…maybe because the iOS is the same?

Anyway…for a nice “remote” with a big screen…a dedicated iPad for the hi-fi is a great solution (for me)

Over the last year or two I’ve used Moto G5 and G7 phones plus a couple of much older Samsung tablets with no issues on my 172.

I have no experience with the next gen Naim streamers.

A thought, when you uninstalled the Naim app did you “clear data” and “clear cache” first? It’s the only way to get rid of all the apps files and get a totally clean uninstall.

I’d not assume outright the app or the phone is the problem without a bit more investigation.

The problem sounds like the app thinks the album cache is stale. While that could be bad interactions with the app and/or phone, it could be something else. For example, if the clock on the Core was wildly wrong or in the wrong timezone the stale headers might have a timestamp that is making the app think it needs to refetch the lot.

I don’t think that is what is happening but I use it as an example. So I’d borrow another recent phone or tablet from a friend before throwing money in that direction. Make sure it actually solves the problem. I’d also see if there is a way to check the current clock and time zone on the Core. Just sanity check that is lined up with your phone time and timezone which would be provided accurately by the carrier.

I didn’t clear cache etc so I will give that a try and reinstall the app. It has cause me such a bad user experience that I have not used the Nova for a while. I just wish I would have use for an Ipad other than for a remote as they are not a cheap item even second hand.

I understand. If you do go down the iPad route though, do try and take my advice and see if you can borrow one or just ask someone when they are over if they have an iOS device and would they care just installing the Naim app and letting you test for 10 minutes.

If you think you are in a bad mood now, imagine if you forked out for a new device and the problem didn’t go away.

That’s not a normal experience on the Android app. We’re proudly an Apple-free household and have no problems at all with the Android app on 2 Huawei phones (P20 Pro, P30 Pro) as well as a Google Pixel C tablet. Accessing the NAS with nearly 900 albums ripped on to it is pretty much instant.

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Yep - Naim app works fine for me on a Samsung phone and on a Lenovo tablet. I did suffer an iPad for a few weeks and it was slower. I’d look elsewhere for the problem.

I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 which is an old phone with barely enough memory to run the app, yet it has always worked well with my Core, Unitilite and 272.

I have a Samsung A5, and although the Naim App does function thru it, it’s a tad slow and and a bit of a PITA.
But thru my Hauwei tablet, it’s quite brilliant. The controls are fast and somewhat intuitive.

The app was particularly good with my SU, but now that I have an NDS and SN2, there’s a few functions missing. I’m still sussing that out.


Interesting, I have an ageing Asus Nexus 7 running Android 6.0.1. and Naim app 2.16.0 It runs fine, with no issues. It’s controlling a ND5-XS with uPnP from Asset

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