Naim app iOS bug

Couldn’t find this bug in a forum search…the playlist in the iOS app is flaky. When adding tracks or moving them around the actual playing order gets muddled and the only way I have found to fix it is to clear the playlist and start again. Just me, or is this being seen by others?

Have you accidentally turned on Random mode? It’s easily done by tapping the rather small button that enables it and you certainly wouldn’t be the first.

Where is this button?

Same icon as the ND5 XS handset.
So it’s a queue feature, not playlist.

I don’t use playlists but I imagine it would randomise them in the same way it randomises the play queue. It can be hard to tell if it’s engaged or not.

I wasn’t sure if you were referring to the play queue or a playlist as people often get the two terms mixed up.
The icon only affects the play queue, so if your playlists are getting muddled up (before you add them to the queue) it’s a different issue. If so, are these playlists created on the Naim app? If so, are they on the UPnP, USB or Tidal input?

It’s a few years ago that I first struggled with the app playlists and eventually concluded that they were too confusing and no use to me. It wasn’t clear than, and it still isn’t clear now, where the playlists are stored. I developed a Windows Visual Basic app that creates, edits and manages playlists on my NAS based LAN. I have a NAS folder, (named Playlists - how original can one be), that contains my playlists from which I can easily, and intuitively, play tracks in any order I choose. Moreover the playlists reside on my LAN and are available to all devices that have access to the LAN.

I now know what I didn’t realise then that I was confused between playlists and the play queue. I still can’t find any app distinguishing guidance on the matter.

In my struggles catalogued above, and after updating my ND5 XS, I managed to inadvertently create an app playlist that contained 500 tracks - that’s it’s maximum. I still don’t know how I did it ! The result was a perpetually repeating message that no more tracks can be added with no option or advice on what to do.

My solution was to delete the app from, and reinstall it on, my iphone. I still don’t know how to delete an app playlist which is why I won’t use them.

My “catalogued above” refers to Tidal Software Update post

Playlists created on the Naim app are stored in the app, on the iOS device that runs it. I find them very easy to use, but prone to corruption so I use my server to create them instead, which has been much more reliable.

For clarity, I am talking about the play queue. The queue plays tracks in order if I leave it alone, but I get issues if I try and edit the order I want them to play in.

You can delete tracks from the play queue, or move tracks up by using the play next function. You can randomise the queue using the random button. But you cannot comprehensively reorder the play queue. If you want to set up your own order, you simply set up and use a playlist. It’s not a bug; you are simply trying to do something that the app is not designed to do.

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You can reorder an album with the Naim app.


Would you mind explaining how you did that please? I tried dragging them, but to no avail. The three dots wouldn’t do it either, other than bringing a track to play next.

Not that I’d want to use this functionality, but it’s interesting nonethe

Select an album.
Tap a track.
That track will play and appear at the bottom of the display.
Tap the track at the bottom of the display.
Track list will then reappear.
Tracks can now be dragged up and down the list.

Just hold down on the track you want to move then you you can move it up and down the playlist as required.

Thanks to both of you. It seems that the album needs to be set playing before you can move tracks around. The second option seems easier; just set it going and then move them. I’ve never thought of doing this but can see how it might be useful if you just want to listen to three or four songs.

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You can’t drag tracks until you are actually playing an album.

You can in playlists.

That doesn’t work on my android app. You have to go through the process I described to bring up what is probably a playlist of the album.