Naim App (iOS) losing rooms since firmware updates

Hello, since the latest firmware update for legacy streamers and Naim app the Naim app has been randomly dropping rooms. It’s a daily occurrence for the 272 and Muso depending on which I’m using. All are wired in a cisco catalyst poe network that was working flawlessly prior to the firmware updates. Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Mesh router.

When the app loses the room I unplug the network cable at the switch and replug and that solves it. Until the next time usually the next day. Searching posts here indicates it could be a router lease issue but my knowledge here is limited. Has anyone else had this issue recently?

I just noticed the “stay connected” option was not checked for the 272. This was checked previously but perhaps was reset after the update. Not sure if this impacts the problem but I’ve selected it again and will see what happens.

I have some bugs with my IPad Pro 2 since the iOS 15 update. Not with the app, but elsewhere.

All this does is stop your phone/iPad from sleeping when the Naim app is open, so I don’t think it’s going to solve your problem.

As this looks like a local network issue try powering OFF all network devices (hubs, switches, routers, extenders, etc.) for a few minutes to see if that helps. I would also re-boot your Phone/Tablet that has the Naim App on it at the same time.

I reboot my network regularly. All devices have been rebooted multiple times. This is a new issue. I’ll see if it repeats. PS - I wasn’t sure about stay connected. It was historically enabled so I figure I should enable it.

You shouldn’t need to have “Stay connected” selected. The app should still find the rooms quickly and stay connected while you are using the app. I have never found it necessary and I have zero problems with the (IOS) app staying connected.

Interestingly my boy has started to report QB issues since the last update. Wi-fi is rock solid in every room and remains so but it finds rooms; won’t connect; loses them and os generally malcontented at present.

Just posted something similar, but for similar issue with the NDX2 and the Naim app on iOS. Related issue with the rooms dropping?

Same issue here with a ND5 XS: i will loose contact at random moments

Same issues here too with NDS.
I use Ipad with latest IOS update.
The strange thing is that when I use my Iphone it is working with no problems. Weird.

Strange, very latest Naim app, the one with improved Roon, iPad with 15.2.1, wireless from BT Smart Hub2 with BT Halo Disc extender, ethernet wired to NDX with 4.8 via network switch, Synology DSM-7 loaded with Asset 7.4 beta 5.
Zero problems.

Yep I’ve noticed this few times but funny just with Muso Gen1. Yeah reboot all devices and might as well cycle the power to your house :roll_eyes:

Since I started this thread I’ve only had a few more repeats of the problem.

I switch back and forth b/w the Naim app and Linn Kazoo app since I run a bubblesoft app to get Qobuz lossless streaming. The Naim app would lose the 272 room when I would switch over to the Kazoo app and play a Qobuz playlist that contained hi res tracks. I have a muso v1 on my network that I tend to leave in multiroom and the high res tracks don’t work in multiroom this seems like part of the problem. Otherwise I don’t think there’s an ongoing problem here.

So the Naim app continues to lose the room (272) occasionally. It occurs when I’m listening to RP FLAC stream via upnp (minimserver) and switch to upnp (asset) to stream a local album on my QNAP. It also occurs when I go to stream Qobuz via upnp (Bubblesoft) from the Kazoo app. It doesn’t happen every time which is the head scratcher. Once or twice a week. I’ve tried rebooting all devices, network, etc. No idea what’s causing this. And for the first time the Naim app lost my Muso v1 room the other day in a similar sequence as outlined above. Weird. The easiest remedy is to power cycle the 555PS and let the streamer reboot.

Still happening fwiw, and apparently at random. I can’t seem to isolate and repeat a cause.

My Uniti2 occasionally disappears from the App rooms as well. I usually need to reboot it.

That’s what happens in my scenario, room is lost and I have to reboot.

I haven’t rolled back a firmware update before but I’m considering trying to see if it resolves the issue.

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It’s always been an issue on any firmware for me, and was the same with my old UnitiCute2.

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