Naim app issues on Macbook M1

I’m trying to use qobuz in the naim app on the desktop of my Macbook air M1 and can control volume, browse all my music etc but cannot start playing any music by clicking a track or the play button. Re-started, logged in/out and all such but no success. Works without issues on my iPhone.

Is it just me?

Just did a quick test. Fine on M1 and M2 here…

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I’ve just tried it on my M1 MacBook Air and it worked fine. I realised I had not used the new app before on my laptop, so took me through the intro stuff and I needed to login to Qobuz. But once that was done I could play and control from Qobuz as well as local storage.


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I guess you could try an uninstall, reboot, and reinstall app, but its always worked for me

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Have uninstalled the naim app and installed it fresh, logged in to qobuz and can scroll through albums, change volume, play/pause a track that is playing (started from roon), change track with the lower control bar but cannot start a track from an album of choice. Super strange. Conflict with roon in some way maybe.

Roon does like working with other applications, if you are a paid up Roon user, I would suggest that you configure your whole system to work with Roon, otherwise disable Roon when you are using the Naim application.

I run Roon on my desktop PC, I don’t think my M2 macbook Air would last very long on WiFi running Roon at the same time. I am talking about battery life.

Interesting thread about the topic here

May I ask how you accessed that, I search for naim on the app store with no dice?

That’s the way but you then need to select apps for iPhone and iPad and it will show. Could not do without it :blush::pray:

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Oh my go thank you, I have been using macs for 30 years, back then things were easy to find, apparently not now!

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If you are running parallels you can download a Windows version

No you can’t, because there isn’t a Windows version!

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Of no help I know but it works fine here!