Naim App just stops playing

I am new to the Naim App, and the ND5SX2, so many apologies if I am asking a dumb question. So, all got set up nicely, I have a SSD plugged into the rear USB with my Tunes on, and Qobuz as well over a wired Ethernet.
There are 2 odd things. If I select an album, the App will play a few songs, and then stop. The text against the next song says ‘ready’ but I need to press a few buttons to make it restart, and it is then liable to stop again a few songs later. This cannot be right, so perhaps there is something that I have forgotten to set in the settings?
The other things is rather weird. I created my first playlist, basically the setlist from a concert I went to. I painstakingly found all the songs, loaded them in order, and the App plays them in a random order, with all the same stopping and starting as before.
After coming from the Bluesound App, which seemed immensely simple and easy, I am a tad disappointed but hoping that I have been a BIFF!

At the bottom of the Naim app there’s a random button above the volume bar have you hit this by mistake.

I checked that was not hit, and it is not. It is almost like it is waiting for the network, or has been told to stop and wait for me to hit play.

Is it the same issue for both USB and Qobuz tracks

USB seems better. I will create a playlist from only USB tracks and see it it behaves better. Perhaps it is a Qobuz thing.
So that was my last idea yesterday. I cannot seem to create a playlist from the USB tracks, they do not show up under the search as it only seems to return Qobuz tracks. Selecting a USB track does not give me a comprehensive menu of options. Perhaps enabling Qobuz has made the app a bit of a slave to the Qobuz infrastructure. However, I downloaded the Qobuz app and that allowed me to create a playlist from just their tracks, and I will see if that is any better. I do have to cast it to the ND5, and so far the dropout is horrendous. Honestly, so far, my ND5 experience has been soured immensely

I have spent the morning getting nowhere, so have raised a query with Naim Support. As an album selected off the USB plays fine, then it looks to be a Quboz related issue for me. Time will tell…

This is unfortunate are you currently doing a home trial of the ND5XS2.

See what Naim suggest hope you get an answer soon.

Hi, yes, but to be honest I really want to keep it. I will confess to being a believer that digital streamers should all sound similar (and the move to the ND5 was as much about aesthetics and brand loyalty) until you get to the DAC, and then all bets are off. However, I have managed to convince myself that the bass seems more solid and delineated, and there are a lot of little details that are pleasing me. I guess that there is more timbre and space, it is a great listen. Is it really there? Do I want to believe it is there? Who knows, but I want to keep it!
It behaves perfectly well on the USB input, so perhaps I need to ditch Qobuz and go for Tidal to get my Hi Res options.

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