Naim App Layout Issues

Perhaps someone can point out what I am doing wrong ? App Version 2.24.0

I have 2 devices – NDX2 + QB(1)

NDX2 is called ‘Lounge’
I have removed quite a few items that I do not use e.g. Tidal, Digital1 etc
On ‘Lounge’ no problem (Just 4 items)

This was done using the screen below

and simply disabling the unwanted item
Trying to do the same on ‘QB1’ there seems no option available to do so?

Do not wish Tidal etc

There seems to be no ability to disable items?
Am I missing something obvious, or is it just not possible?
Should I be deleting the whole App & start again by downloading it ?
Thanks for any help

Hi, you can’t disable inputs on the qb1.
For the ndx2, all inputs should be enabled for the best sound. And server mode enabled. (Allegedly).

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