Naim App Loses Gen 1 Muso

I have an issue with the current Naim app.
I can initiate the Naim app, select my Muso (Gen 1) and choose any of my presets, Tidal / Spotify etc. Muso begins streaming but after a period of time (varies) the Naim app loses the Muso. Goes into a search mode but always come back with a whole load of blurb. Bottom line is it can’t find the Muso. While this is happening the Muso is still happily streaming my previous choise. If I reboot the app, it still cannot find the Muso. If I reboot my Android phone and restart the app all is well, until the next time. I have ensured that the Muso and Phone are at the latest code releases. I have also reset the Muso and redefined the network settings to ensure the phone and Muso are on the same network. They already were but I went through the motions anyway. It may be my imagination but I think this issue only started after the Naim / Focal merged app dropped.

Any suggestions folks ?

Make sure your phone is on 2.4 GHz WiFi and not 5. Even though it’s the same WiFi network, it seems there are challenges with the phone (app) and a muso communicating with each other across 2.4/5GHz connections.
Always best to wire your muso to the network if at all possible.

It does depend on the router. There is no problem doing that with a Virgin Media Suoerhub 2ac for example, nor with an Apple Extreme router configured as a two band wireless access point.

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I had this problem occasionally with a Mu-so 1 and found that disconnecting/reconnecting to the mains gave a medium-term solution.

I’ll take a look at your frequency suggestion. Thanks. Unfortunately, my Muso is situated in my conservatory. To far away from my router for a convenient ethernet connection. I did try powerline devices but there is an issue with the conservatory electrics being on a separate circuit breaker box from the rest of the house. I also for a while had a wired connection to a mesh disc. Of course that made no difference.

I have been doing that, if recycling just the phone doesn’t resolve the issue.

Mesh networks are problematic when they are incorrectly configured or located. A properly functioning mesh home network is very reliable and that, with a wire to the Muso, would be my recommendation if you can’t manage an Ethernet cable direct to your router.

My phone is on 2.4GHz but just had a recurrence of the issue just a few minutrs ago :cry: Fixed by rebooting my phone.

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