Naim App losing connection


My iPad is repeatedly losing its connection to my NAC 172. The iPad says the (Naim) app is in use on another device, which isn’t true. Then, the iPad’s Naim app can’t ‘find’ the NAC172. Switching off and unplugging the NAC172 -and the router- provides only momentary respite.

After struggling through Christmas with the vTuner debacle, I’m beginning to lose faith in Naim.

What can I do to get the Naim app to work?

Apologies if this is a dopey question, but are you using wifi or ethernet connection? It really needs to be the latter.

Hi, many thanks for your question. My NAC172 has an up-to-date Ethernet cable connected to BT’s latest Home-Hub which is, in turn, connected to BT by ‘fibre-broadband’.

I have run into this exact problem with my office SuperUniti a couple of times recently. It seems to coincide with when vtuner is having another hiccup and I think the unit is hung trying to complete an instruction from the app earlier (like maybe two days earlier!)

So I leave the SuperUniti on another input and that seems to stop it recurring.

Many thanks, David,

I’ll switch the NAC172 from Radio 3 to the ‘NAS’ after tonight’s concert and see what happens tomorrow.

I had a similar sounding problem a while back, (prior to the vTuner problems)
In my case it was an IP Address conflict with my BT SH2 router.
I fixed it by removing the offending IP Addresses and for DHCP to reset them …
… It might not be the fix for you, but worth a try.

Open the BT Hub Manager (Advanced Settings) & remove all the IP Addresses associated with audio, including the control point (iPad/phone/Android) plus any other IP Address that you don’t know or are unsure of.
Power off everything, leave the router off for at least 5 mins (BT logs you’re off line). Restart the router and let it finish the start process, turn on 172 and the router will set/reset the IP Address, then the control point … test (& fingers crossed)

Interesting. Our Qb1 in the kitchen had a moment yesterday. I got the ‘another app connected’ message, even though one wasn’t, and then the Qb disappeared from the App. After half an hour or so it reappeared. Maybe it is vtuner shenanigans, but it’s irritating nonetheless.