Naim App ‘My Devices’ Order

The Bathys should only appear in the list when they’re switched on and connected to the phone. They should disappear from the list when you’re not using them…
Are you seeing them stay permanently?

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When they first introduced the icons in the list, I suggested they provide an option to go back to the old behaviour of name only, as I had the same issue. So next to them being orderable, I still think a way to condense them (by removing the icon) would also be great.

Especially as the icons seemingly weren’t designed for purpose. They are taken with different lighting from different angles, making the whole look messy.

Hi @Paul.B and thanks for the input…

Yes, they seem to be persistent…and at the top of devices despite alphabetical ordering…
Doesn’t matter if I quit the App, go in and out of other devices etc….
The Bathys are in their case, switched off and in a cupboard…and the screenshot below confirms they are currently not BT connected to my phone…

TBH, I have only initially paired them, given full charge, firmware updated, renamed and then switched off….So I don’t know if a cycle of proper use or something would refresh and kick start the correct behaviour…?
Interestingly, the name that is displayed is the default ‘out of box’ name I think….

As you indicate re correct behaviour, makes sense for them to only appear when ‘On’ and connected, otherwise not be there, much like Naim units when off/deep sleep etc…

[FYI: Naim App 6.5.0, iPhone Xs, iOS 16.7.2]


Yes, I largely agree…
I think a typical little triangle icon, could just collapse the device image icon and extra info i.e currently playing, as and when desired for each device in the list……
But at the very least, the ability to drag and drop the devices in any desired preference would be great……

I agree re the ‘consistency’ of the image icons…Not sure they’d pass Apple’s Style Guide….Jeez, they wouldn’t get through a style guide from my wife (a graphic designer) that’s for sure…! :rofl:

Annoys me the Qb looks more like a Gen1 unit (it’s a Gen2) with its solid black grille…whereas the Gen2 Mu-so’s look more visually accurate re the grey flecked grille and metal colouring….
Ironically, one of the Mu-so is a Gen1, yet they both display the same as each other….


Unfortunately this I don’t have, that would be useful. @Paul.B any chance of this coming to Android soon?

I like the little pictures.

Me too….Think they look smart….
Just feel they could do with a slight tweak…plus also the ability on the UI to compress each device as you wish, thus potentially making each device ‘box’ slimmer and allowing more devices to display, almost list like……


I have nothing against them a such, but they do take up space. And I prefer not having to scroll over having a picture. If there’s another solution to condense the information a bit that’s fine with me as well.

But if they do keep the little pictures, I would suggest to at least re-take them especially for this purpose. So there’s a uniform look with all devices shown in a similar way.

Just reporting back –
‘Expected’ behaviour of the Bathys in the App now seems to be OK…After the recent firmware update a few days ago (coincidental), a re-rename in the phones BT settings and a couple of power on/off cycles, the Bathys do now only appear in the App when On and Connected….They do take a handful of seconds to disappear when turned off (I guess this is just the responsiveness of the App’s BT reporting?), but they do go away by themselves….

Thanks for the feedback @Paul.B and all…

Now, just for that general reordering ability of the Naim devices on the page…! :wink:


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I believe this is actually the responsiveness of Apple devices to changes in Bluetooth rather than the App.

My iPhone probably doesn’t help re the latest BT standards either, it’s getting a bit long in the tooth to be fair….

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