Naim App ‘My Devices’ Order

I think the answer to this is no, unless I’ve gone completely blind, but is there anyway to reorder the My Devices page on the Naim App or is it fixed, I think alphabetically…?

I’ve just got a pair of Bathy headphones and set up on the Focal ‘side’ of the App…I presumed they would stay on the dark side and I’d be able to swipe there as and when I needed, but no…they’re now sitting at the top of all my Naim devices at home, plus pushing the lower devices off the bottom of the iPhone screen …driving me nuts!


I think the answer to this is no, unless you rename the devices according to how you want them listed.

And I think having one set of devices is the way it’s supposed to work. It’s inconvenient for you as you have too many devices to fit on one screen, but for most customers having the two or three devices on one screen is what they would want and having to go off to another part of the app for one of them could be a real pain.

Thanks David.

Yeah….It’s no major drama, just could be simply improved by a UI tweak and having say the typical ‘Kebab’ icons to allow dragging the device order around……Like a few things re Naim software, some relatively simple tweaks would improve the UI and user experience a lot……


Hi SC. On the Home Screen go to settings, sources layout and pull them into any order

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The way i read the OPs post was that they had more than one naim device , i.e. an ndx2 and a muso. And then wanted to organise these on the home screen rather than changing the order of the sources within a device.

What a wally I am, as I’d never noticed they were in alphabetical order. As you suggest, the obvious solution is to rename the headphones. At least my Nova is easy to find, as it looks different to the Qbs.

No, it’s not the Sources I mean (that’s an easy reorder) ….but the actual Devices Home Screen – which obviously no one thought about implementing the same option….I’m out just now, so can’t screen grab, but HH has it nailed….
Such a simple tweak, just let me drag into the order I’d like and/or most use etc……
When you have a Qb, 2x Mu-so, 1 Atom, Atom HE and now Bathys (plus my main Naim Streamer when I’ve finished renovating), it’s a bit of a pain……iPad isn’t so bad as the screen real estate is somewhat better, but a bit better UI thought and design would help the phone use……


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I’ve fed a request for the ability to rearrange the My Devices screen to the Naim developers via the Beta group. I think it would be a good thing to have, especially for those with quite a few devices, and can’t imagine it would be hard to implement. Let’s see what happens.

As I mentioned before, you can easily rename the devices and change the order that way.

In the interim it may be that a relabelling of devices will suffice, as mentioned by @davidhendon. Not sure if the app will reorder alphabetically ( ie use the numbers to sort) or if it is based on input order.

For example:

  1. Main Lounge
  2. Study
  3. Dining
  4. Bathy Headphones
  5. Kitchen

Does require a little forethought. This is what I do with my MS Outlook application where I have numerous email accounts.

A simple change would be to let you disable showing the device pictures, so you only see the names.

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Here you go.

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Sure….but it’s not really a sophisticated UI solution is it, more of a ‘workaround’….

@Orac suggestion, as shown by HH @HungryHalibut isn’t bad to be fair….but, it’s not good UI design, however much you squint….


My thanks to @HungryHalibut for showing the idea.

@S.C Agree it’s not perfect but may well be a reasonable workaround until Naim decide to upgrade their App.

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Apologies in advance to OP for thread drift.

@HungryHalibut Just listening to the album shown on your screen grab above. Another artist to add in to the listening list. Unusual combination accordion and double bass.

Excellent. Richard Galliano is fantastic.

If you want to try a Scottish Folk sound you could try Phil Cunningham especially when accompanied by Aly Bain.

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Phil and Aly? Here’s me with them, trying not to laugh while taking the photo.

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You got much closer than me. I was always in the audience.

Promoting the show probably helped.